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Bours, R.; Kohlen, W.; Bouwmeester, H. J.; van der Krol, A.: Thermoperiodic Control of Hypocotyl Elongation Depends on Auxin-Induced Ethylene Signaling That Controls Downstream PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR3 Activity. Plant Physiology 167 (2), pp. 517 - 530 (2015)
Journal Article
Rossmann, S.; Kohlen, W.; Hasson, A.; Theres, K.: Lateral suppressor and Goblet act in hierarchical order to regulate ectopic meristem formation at the base of tomato leaflets. The Plant Journal 81 (6), pp. 837 - 848 (2015)
Journal Article
Wang, Q.; Kohlen, W.; Rossmann, S.; Vernoux, T.; Theres, K.: Auxin Depletion from the Leaf Axil Conditions Competence for Axillary Meristem Formation in Arabidopsis and Tomato. The Plant Cell 26 (5), pp. 2068 - 2079 (2014)
Journal Article
Kohlen, W.; Charnikhova, T.; Lammers, M.; Pollina, T.; Toth, P.; Haider, I.; Pozo, M. J.; de Maagd, R. A.; Ruyter-Spira, C.; Bouwmeester, H. J. et al.; Lopez-Raez, J. A.: The tomato CAROTENOID CLEAVAGE DIOXYGENASE8 (SlCCD8) regulates rhizosphere signaling, plant architecture and affects reproductive development through strigolactone biosynthesis. New Phytologist 196 (2), pp. 535 - 547 (2012)
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