Publications of L. M. Mueller

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Journal Article
Mueller, L. M.; Mombaerts, L.; Pankin, A.; Davis, S. J.; Webb, A. A. R.; Goncalves, J.; von Korff, M.: Differential Effects of Day/Night Cues and the Circadian Clock on the Barley Transcriptome(1)([OPEN]). Plant Physiology 183 (2), pp. 765 - 779 (2020)
Journal Article
Habte, E.; Mueller, L. M.; Shtaya, M.; Davis, S. J.; von Korff, M.: Osmotic stress at the barley root affects expression of circadian clock genes in the shoot. Plant, Cell and Environment 37 (6), pp. 1321 - 1337 (2014)
Journal Article
Mueller, L. M.; von Korff, M.; Davis, S. J.: Connections between circadian clocks and carbon metabolism reveal species-specific effects on growth control. SI 65 (11), pp. 2915 - 2923 (2014)
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