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Humphry, M.; Reinstaedler, A.; Ivanov, S.; Bisseling, T.; Panstruga, R.: Durable broad-spectrum powdery mildew resistance in pea er1 plants is conferred by natural loss-of-function mutations in PsMLO1. MOLECULAR PLANT PATHOLOGY 12 (9), pp. 866 - 878 (2011)
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Kwaaitaal, M.; Huisman, R.; Maintz, J.; Reinstädler, A.; Panstruga, R.: Ionotropic glutamate receptor (iGluR)-like channels mediate MAMP-induced calcium influx in Arabidopsis thaliana. BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 440, pp. 355 - 365 (2011)
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Reinstädler, A.; Mueller, J.; Czembor, J. H.; Piffanelli, P.; Panstruga, R.: Novel induced mlo mutant alleles in combination with site-directed mutagenesis reveal functionally important domains in the heptahelical barley Mlo protein. BMC Plant Biology 10, 31 (2010)
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Bai, Y.; Pavan, S.; Zheng, Z.; Zappel, N. F.; Reinstädler, A.; Lotti, C.; De Giovanni, C.; Ricciardi, L.; Lindhout, P.; Visser, R. et al.; Theres, K.; Panstruga, R.: Naturally Occurring Broad-Spectrum Powdery Mildew Resistance in a Central American Tomato Accession Is Caused by Loss of Mlo Function. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 21 (1), pp. 30 - 39 (2008)
Journal Article
Panstruga, R.; Molina-Cano, J. L.; Reinstädler, A.; Mueller, J.: Molecular characterization of mlo mutants in North American two- and six-rowed malting barley cultivars. Molecular Plant Pathology 6 (3), pp. 315 - 320 (2005)
Journal Article
Rushton, P. J.; Reinstädler, A.; Lipka, V.; Lippok, B.; Somssich, I. E.: Synthetic plant promoters containing defined regulatory elements provide novel insights into pathogen- and wound- induced signaling. Plant Cell 14 (4), pp. 749 - 762 (2002)
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