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Journal Article
Corbesier, L.; Vincent, C.; Jang, S.; Fornara, F.; Fan, Q.; Searle, I.; Giakountis, A.; Farrona, S.; Gissot, L.; Turnbull, C. et al.; Coupland, G.: FT Protein Movement Contributes to Long-Distance Signaling in Floral Induction of Arabidopsis. Science 316, pp. 1030 - 1033 (2007)
Journal Article
Corbesier, L.; Coupland, G.: The quest for florigen: a review of recent progress. Journal of Experimental Botany 57 (13), doi:10.1093/jxb/erl095, pp. 3395 - 3403 (2006)
Journal Article
Corbesier, L.; Coupland, G.: Photoperiodic flowering of Arabidopsis: integrating genetic and physiological approaches to characterization of the floral stimulus. Plant Cell and Environment 28 (1), pp. 54 - 66 (2005)
Journal Article
An, H.; Roussot, C.; Suárez-López, P.; Corbesier, L.; Vincent, C.; Piñeiro, M.; Hepworth, S.; Mouradov, A.; Justin, S.; Turnbull, C. et al.; Coupland, G.: CONSTANS acts in the phloem to regulate a systemic signal that induces photoperiodic flowering of Arabidopsis. Development 131 (15), pp. 3615 - 3626 (2004)
Journal Article
Corbesier, L.; Kustermans, G.; Perilleux, C.; Melzer, S.; Moritz, T.; Havelange, A.; Bernier, G.: Gibberellins and the floral transition in Sinapis alba. Physiologia Plantarum 122 (1), pp. 152 - 158 (2004)
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