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Hou, S.; Thiergart, T.; Vannier, N.; Mesny, F.; Ziegler, J.; Pickel, B.; Hacquard, S.: A microbiota-root-shoot circuit favours Arabidopsis growth over defence under suboptimal light. Nature Plants (2021)
Journal Article
Mesny, F.; Miyauchi, S.; Thiergart, T.; Pickel, B.; Atanasova, L.; Karlsson, M.; Huettel, B.; Barry, K.W.; Haridas, S.; Chen, C. et al.; Bauer, D.; Andreopoulos, W.; Pangilinan, J.; LaButti, K.; Riley, R.; Lipzen, A.; Clum, A.; Drula, E.; Henrissat, B.; Kohler, A.; Grigoriev, I.V.; Martin, F.M.; Hacquard, S.: Genetic determinants of endophytism in the Arabidopsis root mycobiome. Nature Communications 12, 7227 (2021)
Journal Article
Wolinska, K. W.; Vannier, N.; Thiergart, T.; Pickel, B.; Gremmen, S.; Piasecka, A.; Piślewska-Bednarek, M.; Nakano, R. T.; Belkhadir, Y.; Bednarek, P. et al.; Hacquard, S.: Tryptophan metabolism and bacterial commensals prevent fungal dysbiosis in Arabidopsis roots. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118 (49), e2111521118 (2021)
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