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Strauss, S.; Lempe, J.; Prusinkiewicz, P.; Tsiantis, M.; Smith, R. S.: Phyllotaxis: is the golden angle optimal for light capture? New Phytologist 225 (1), pp. 499 - 510 (2020)
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Failmezger, H.; Lempe, J.; Khadem, N.; Cartolano, M.; Tsiantis, M.; Tresch, A.: MowJoe: a method for automated-high throughput dissected leaf phenotyping. Plant Methods 14, 27 (2018)
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Rasmann, S.; Vilas, J. S.; Glauser, G.; Cartolano, M.; Lempe, J.; Tsiantis, M.; Pannell, J. R.: Pleiotropic effect of the Flowering Locus C on plant resistance and defence against insect herbivores. Journal of Ecology 106 (3), pp. 1244 - 1255 (2018)
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Imprialou, M.; Kahles, A.; Steffen, J. G.; Osborne, E. J.; Gan, X.; Lempe, J.; Bhomra, A.; Belfield, E.; Visscher, A.; Greenhalgh, R. et al.; Harberd, N. P.; Goram, R.; Hein, J.; Robert-Seilaniantz, A.; Jones, J.; Stegle, O.; Kover, P.; Tsiantis, M.; Nordborg, M.; Rätsch , G.; Clark, R. M.; Mott, R.: Genomic Rearrangements in Arabidopsis Considered as Quantitative Traits. Genetics 205 (4), pp. 1425 - 1441 (2017)
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Cartolano, M.; Pieper, B.; Lempe, J.; Tattersall, A.; Huijser, P.; Tresch, A.; Darrah, P. R.; Hay, A.; Tsiantis, M.: Heterochrony underpins natural variation in Cardamine hirsuta leaf form. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112 (33), pp. 10539 - 10544 (2015)
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Lempe, J.; Lachowiec , J.; Sullivan , A. M.; Queitsch , C.: Molecular mechanisms of robustness in plants. Current Opinion in Plant Biology (16),, pp. 62 - 69 (2012)
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