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Journal Article
Wang, L.; Shang, H.; Liu, Y.; Zheng, M.; Wu, R.; Phillips, J.; Bartels, D.; Deng, X.: A role for a cell wall localized glycine-rich protein in dehydration and rehydration of the resurrection plant Boea hygrometrica. Plant Biology 11 (6), pp. 837 - 848 (2009)
Journal Article
Deng, X.; Phillips, J.; Bräutigam, A.; Engstrom, P.; Johannesson, H.; Ouwerkerk, P. B. F.; Ruberti, I.; Salinas, J.; Vera, P.; Iannacone, R. et al.; Meijer, A. H.; Bartels, D.: A homeodomain leucine zipper gene from Craterostigma plantagineum regulates abscisic acid responsive gene expression and physiological responses. Plant Molecular Biology 61 (3), pp. 469 - 489 (2006)
Journal Article
Deng, X.; Phillips, J.; Meijer, A. H.; Salamini, F.; Bartels, D.: Characterization of five novel dehydration-responsive homeodomain leucine zipper genes from the resurrection plant Craterostigma plantagineum. Plant Molecular Biology 49 (6), pp. 601 - 610 (2002)
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