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Journal Article
Schlogelhofer, P.; Garzon, M.; Kerzendorfer, C.; Nizhynska, V.; Bachmair, A.: Expression of the ubiquitin variant ubR48 decreases proteolytic activity in Arabidopsis and induces cell death. Planta 223 (4), pp. 684 - 697 (2006)
Journal Article
Stary, S.; Yin, X. J.; Potuschak, T.; Schlogelhofer, P.; Nizhynska, V.; Bachmair, A.: PRT1 of Arabidopsis is a ubiquitin protein ligase of the plant N-end rule pathway with specificity for aromatic amino-terminal residues. Plant Physiology 133 (3), pp. 1360 - 1366 (2003)
Journal Article
Schlogelhofer, P.; Bachmair, A.: A test of fusion protein stability in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana reveals degradation signals from ACC synthase and from the plant N-end rule pathway. Plant Cell Reports 21 (2), pp. 174 - 179 (2002)
Journal Article
Schlogelhofer, P.; Nizhynska, V.; Feik, N.; Chambon, C.; Potuschak, T.; Wanzenbock, E.M.; Schweizer, D.; Bachmair, A.: The upstream Sal repeat-containing segment of Arabidopsis thaliana ribosomal DNA intergenic region (IGR) enhances the activity of adjacent protein-coding genes. Plant Molecular Biology 49 (6), pp. 655 - 667 (2002)
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