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Mahdi, L.; Huang, M.; Zhang, X.; Nakano, R. T.; Kopp, L. B.; Saur, I. M. L.; Jacob, F.; Kovacova, V.; Lapin, D.; Parker, J.E. et al.; Murphy, J. M.; Hofmann, K.; Schulze-Lefert, P.; Chai, J.; Maekawa, T.: Innate immune signalling by plant mixed lineage kinase domain-like proteins. Cell Host & Microbe (2020)
Journal Article
Song, W.; Foerderer, A.; Yu, D.; Chai, J.: Structural biology of plant defence. New Phytologist (2020)
Journal Article
Xiao, Y.; Stegmann, M.; Han, Z.; DeFalco, T. A.; Parys, K.; Xu, L.; Belkhadir, Y.; Zipfel, C.; Chai, J.: Mechanisms of RALF peptide perception by a heterotypic receptor complex. Nature 572 (7768), pp. 270 - + (2019)
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