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Engqvist, M. K. M.; Kuhn, A.; Wienstroer, J.; Weber, K.; Jansen, E. E. W.; Jakobs, C.; Weber, A. P. M.; Maurino, V. G.: Plant D-2-Hydroxyglutarate Dehydrogenase Participates in the Catabolism of Lysine Especially during Senescence*. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (13), pp. 11382 - 11390 (2011)
Journal Article
Engqvist, M.; Drincovich, M. F.; Flügge, U.-I.; Maurinho, V. G.: Two D-2-Hydroxy-acid Dehydrogenases in Arabidopsis thaliana with Catalytic Capacities to Participate in the Last Reactions of the Methylglyoxal and -Oxidation Pathways*. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (37), pp. 25026 - 25037 (2009)
Journal Article
Gigolashvili, T.; Engqvist, M.; Yatusevich, R.; Müller, C.; Flügge, U.-I.: Blackwell Publishing Ltd HAG2/MYB76 and HAG3/MYB29 exert a specific and coordinated control on the regulation of aliphatic glucosinolate biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist 177, pp. 627 - 642 (2008)
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