Publications of F. Salamini

Journal Article (54)

Journal Article
Varotto, C.; Pesaresi, P.; Jahns, P.; Lessnick, A.; Tizzano, M.; Schiavon, F.; Salamini, F.; Leister, D.: Single and double knockouts of the genes for photosystem I subunits G, K, and H of Arabidopsis. Effects on photosystem I composition, photosynthetic electron flow, and state transitions. Plant Physiology 129 (2), pp. 616 - 624 (2002)
Journal Article
Velasco, R.; Korfhage, C.; Salamini, A.; Tacke, E.; Schmitz, J.; Motto, M.; Salamini, F.; Doring, H. P.: Expression of the glossy2 gene of maize during plant development. Maydica 47 (2), pp. 71 - 81 (2002)
Journal Article
Zhang, Z. Y.; Salamini, F.; Thompson, R.: Fine mapping of the defective endosperm maize mutant rgf1 using different DNA pooling strategies and three classes of molecular markers. Maydica 47 (3-4), pp. 277 - 286 (2002)
Journal Article
Bartels, D.; Salamini, F.: Desiccation tolerance in the resurrection plant Craterostigma plantagineum. A contribution to the study of drought tolerance at the molecular level. Plant Physiology 127 (4), pp. 1346 - 1353 (2001)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Ozkan, H.; Brandolini, A.; Torun, A.; Altintas, S.; Eker, S.; Kilian, B.; Braun, H.; Salamini, F.; Cakmak, I.: Natural variation and identification of microelements content in seeds of einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum). In: Wheat Production in Stressed Environments, pp. 455 - 462 (Eds. Buck, H. T.; Nisi Salomon N., J. E.). Springer, Dordrecht (2007)
Book Chapter
Salamini, F.: Le biotecnologie vegetali. In: Quaderni della Fondazione Piaggio, pp. 37 - 56 (Eds. Fanfani, T.; Ghelli, F.) (2003)

Proceedings (1)

Genomic approaches for the improvement of tuber quality traits in potato. Meeting of the Physiology Section of the European-Association-for-Potato-Research, Viterbo (Italy), June 14, 2004 - June 16, 2004. INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE, Leuven (2005), 85-91 pp.
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