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Rushton, P. J.; Somssich, I. E.; Ringler, P.; Shen, Q. J.: WRKY transcription factors. Trends in Plant Science 15, doi:10.1016/j.tplants.2010.02.006, pp. 247 - 258 (2010)
Journal Article
Rensing, S. A.; Lang, D.; Zimmer, A. D.; Terry, A.; Salamov, A.; Shapiro, H.; Nishiyama, T.; Perroud, P. F.; Lindquist, E. A.; Kamisugi, Y. et al.; Tanahashi, T.; Sakakibara, K.; Fujita, T.; Oishi, K.; Shin-I, T.; Kuroki, Y.; Toyoda, A.; Suzuki, Y.; Hashimoto, S.; Yamaguchi, K.; Sugano, S.; Kohara, Y.; Fujiyama, A.; Anterola, A.; Aoki, S.; Ashton, N.; Barbazuk, W. B.; Barker, E.; Bennetzen, J. L.; Blankenship, R.; Cho, S. H.; Dutcher, S. K.; Estelle, M.; Fawcett, J. A.; Gundlach, H.; Hanada, K.; Heyl, A.; Hicks, K. A.; Hughes, J.; Lohr, M.; Mayer, K.; Melkozernov, A.; Murata, T.; Nelson, D. R.; Pils, B.; Prigge, M.; Reiss, B.; Renner, T.; Rombauts, S.; Rushton, P. J.; Sanderfoot, A.; Schween, G.; Shiu, S. H.; Stueber, K.; Theodoulou, F. L.; Tu, H.; Van de Peer, Y.; Verrier, P. J.; Waters, E.; Wood, A.; Yang, L. X.; Cove, D.; Cuming, A. C.; Hasebe, M.; Lucas, S.; Mishler, B. D.; Reski, R.; Grigoriev, I. V.; Quatrano, R. S.; Boore, J. L.: The Physcomitrella genome reveals evolutionary insights into the conquest of land by plants. Science 319 (5859), pp. 64 - 69 (2008)
Journal Article
Cormack, R. S.; Eulgem, T.; Rushton, P. J.; Koechner, P.; Hahlbrock, K.; Somssich, I. E.: Leucine zipper-containing WRKY proteins widen the spectrum of immediate early elicitor-induced WRKY transcription factors in parsley. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Gene Structure and Expression 1576 (1-2), pp. 92 - 100 (2002)
Journal Article
Rushton, P. J.: Exciting prospects for plants with greater disease resistance. Trends in Plant Science 7 (7), p. 325 - 325 (2002)
Journal Article
Rushton, P. J.; Reinstädler, A.; Lipka, V.; Lippok, B.; Somssich, I. E.: Synthetic plant promoters containing defined regulatory elements provide novel insights into pathogen- and wound- induced signaling. Plant Cell 14 (4), pp. 749 - 762 (2002)
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