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Osnato, M.; Stile, M. R.; Wang, Y. M.; Meynard, D.; Curiale, S.; Guiderdoni, E.; Liu, Y. X.; Horner, D. S.; Ouwerkerk, P. B. F.; Pozzi, C. et al.; Mueller, K. J.; Salamini, F.; Rossini, L.: Cross Talk between the KNOX and Ethylene Pathways Is Mediated by Intron-Binding Transcription Factors in Barley. Plant Physiology 154 (4), pp. 1616 - 1632 (2010)
Journal Article
Ozkan, H.; Brandolini, A.; Pozzi, C.; Effgen, S.; Wunder, J.; Salamini, F.: A reconsideration of the domestication geography of tetraploid wheats. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 110 (6), pp. 1052 - 1060 (2005)
Journal Article
Roig, C.; Pozzi, C.; Santi, L.; Mueller, J.; Wang, Y. M.; Stile, M. R.; Rossini, L.; Stanca, M.; Salamini, F.: Genetics of barley Hooded suppression. Genetics 167 (1), pp. 439 - 448 (2004)
Journal Article
Grando, M. S.; Bellin, D.; Edwards, K. J.; Pozzi, C.; Stefanini, M.; Velasco, R.: Molecular linkage maps of Vitis vinifera L. and Vitis riparia Mchx. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 106 (7), pp. 1213 - 1224 (2003)
Journal Article
Pozzi, C.; di Pietro, D.; Halas, G.; Roig, C.; Salamini, F.: Integration of a barley (Hordeum vulgare) molecular linkage, map with the position of genetic loci hosting 29 developmental mutants. Heredity 90 (5), pp. 390 - 396 (2003)
Journal Article
Santi, L.; Wang, Y. M.; Stile, M. R.; Berendzen, K.; Wanke, D.; Roig, C.; Pozzi, C.; Mueller, K.; Mueller, J.; Rohde, W. et al.; Salamini, F.: The GA octodinucleotide repeat binding factor BBR participates in the transcriptional regulation of the homeobox gene Bkn3. Plant Journal 34 (6), pp. 813 - 826 (2003)
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