International Max Planck Research School on "Understanding Complex Plant Traits using Computational and Evolutionary Approaches"

Our IMPRS is one of >60 International Max Planck Research Schools that are associated with a total number of >80 Max Planck Institutes (find the full list here). 

The Max Planck Society established these schools in 1999 to

  • intensify the collaboration between Max Planck Institutes and university research groups
  • improve the doctoral education by offering a structured PhD program
  • increase the recruitment of international doctoral students

All IMPRSs have university partners and we teamed up with the local universities in Cologne and Düsseldorf. Together, we recruit about ten mostly international students each year. They benefit from our standardized PhD program and are additionally supported in attending scientific conferences.

Please have a look at our event calender to be up to date with current events.

Also, every year the IMPRS holds a retreat lasting for two to three days. During this retreat our second and third year students present their current research project. First year students are not required to present any work during their first retreat.

This particular IMPRS conference is a chance for our PhDs to exchange their scientific ideas and thoughts and get to know all students of the IMPRS.

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