Evolution of Development SFB 680 Meeting August 27, 2014 Max-Planck-Institute for Plant Breeding Research


In the past few years, genetic investigations in new experimental systems and in an evolutionary context have brought considerable progress in understanding the mechanistic basis for morphological evolution. This is a very active area of research in which scientists are now aiming not only to identify the genetic changes causal to diversity but also to understand how these changes are translated in to phenotypic diversity at different biological scales. These approaches hold great promise for elucidating how sequence changes at specific genes are connected to divergent cellular properties, morphogenetic pathways, physiology and even behavior. This event will bring together a group of scientists investigating such problems in different species including fish, insects and plants. There will good opportunities for discussion after every presentation and the day should provide an excellent overview of the current trends and problems in the research area of evolution of development.

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