Ilsa Schneider


1. What fascinates you most about plant science?

I am fascinated by the processes and networks in cells that are able to form a complex organism that can use sunlight to generate sugars and oxygen. This organism then can perceive environmental signals and act upon them and adapt to different conditions. This complexity is amazing and I want to help to better understand it.


2. Tell us briefly what scientific questions you are pursuing at MPIPZ.

Plants reproduce via their seed. Some plants use an explosive seed launch to ensure a wider dispersal range. I want to understand the genes involved in the mechanisms of this explosive seed dispersal.


3. Who has inspired you greatly in your career so far?

During my studies I’ve met early on many amazing people who are curious and passionate about learning and science.
My PhD supervisor Angela Hay also inspires me greatly. She is very passionate about science, is very positive and encouraging and supports me in my PhD journey.


4. What did you find most challenging in your career so far?

A challenge for me was learning to deal with frustration. Not every experiment works, not every result makes sense immediately. But you work through it.


5. How do you see your future in science and why?

I really enjoy basic research as it gives so many opportunities to focus on and I would like to continue in that direction. However, the uncertain long-term perspectives in academia provide a challenge so that I don’t know yet where I will end up. This can be a bit scary but also exciting, as it is the next adventure.

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