PhD Retreat at Kloster Steinfeld

A great success for this years’ PhD retreat, held from 10-12 of May, bringing together a diverse group of PhD candidates and their supervisors for three days of learning, collaborating and bonding.

May 16, 2023

The 70 attendees had the opportunity to participate in a wide range of scientific exchange, designed to foster communication, networking and skill-building. Kloster Steinfeld, as a former monastery with a 900 year old history, provided a fantastic atmosphere over the course of the three days

Our Managing Director and graduate school speaker, George Coupland gave an update on recent developments on the PhD programme. In addition, the annual PhD survey was discussed by our current PhD representatives and a new generation of PhD representatives who will take over the work from their successors was selected. Importantly, Monika Schlosser was formally introduced as our new PhD coordinator.

PhD students in their first and third year presented their work, exploring cutting-edge research topics and sharing insights into their own projects, followed by lively discussions and exchange of ideas. Second year PhD candidates got engaged in sharing their research during our poster sessions, which gave a nice platform to intermingle and discuss further.

Beyond the academic program, attendees also enjoyed the tranquil surroundings of Kloster Steinfeld, taking advantage of the beautiful natural setting to unwind and recharge. Whether taking a stroll through the abbey’s historic gardens, enjoying a hike in the valley, or participating in one of 7 groups during the pub quiz, participants found ample opportunities to connect with one another and exchange views and interests. 

The PhD retreat at Kloster Steinfeld was a fantastic opportunity for young PhD candidates to come together, learn from one another, and deepen their knowledge.

We look forward to the next PhD retreat in 2024 to continue to foster collaboration and innovation among our young researchers. 

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