Jane Parker elected to the National Academy of Sciences

May 03, 2023

Jane Parker, research group leader within the Department of Plant Microbe Interactions at the MPIPZ, has been elected as a new international member of the highly prestigious National Academy of Sciences (NAS), USA, in recognition of her outstanding work on plant immunity. Jane is one of 23 international members that have been elected this year for their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.

Jane Parker studies how plants communicate with microbes. Over thirty years, she has made leading contributions to understanding how the plant innate immune system has evolved and operates as a crucial barrier against disease. Parker’s research extends from genetics and genomics to the characterization of biochemical mechanisms which link plant detection of pathogens to effective mobilization of defences. 

Further insights into plant immunity will allow scientists to make plants more resistant to disease, which will have a major positive impact on food security and sustainable agriculture.

The National Academy of Sciences, a non-profit institution, was established by an Act of Congress signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. The NAS provides independent, objective advice related to all aspects of science and technology.

Scientists are elected by current members of the academy for outstanding contributions to research and give perfect examples of role models of excellence in science.

Upon learning of her election as an international member of The US National Academy of Sciences, Parker said:

“I feel incredibly honoured by this recognition. My sincere thanks go to members of my group (past and present) who made our research so enjoyable and progress possible, and to colleagues at The Max-Planck Institute, University of Cologne and Sainsbury Laboratory for their support.”

We congratulate Jane for this recognition from her peers.

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