Mouse Day at the MPIPZ

October 04, 2021

How does DNA actually look like, why is the history of evolution still important for us today, why does a tractor need a computer - and what does all this have to do with plant research? These and many other exciting questions were the focus of our Mouse Day.

With great enthusiasm, DNA was isolated from different plants in our science barn. Our young audience was able to learn about the history of Mendel's rules by looking at different flower colors in our show garden. Children's eyes lit up when Martin Krist, the grange manager of the grange Vogelsang, presented his tractors and explained sustainability in agriculture.

A guided tour of the show garden for the adults on breeding methods, biodiversity and sustainability rounded off the program.

An exciting and thrilling day for everyone involved!

"We are looking forward to participating in the Mouse Day again next year and bringing the fascination of plant research to our audience."

Mia von Scheven

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