Great success for PhD Retreat

August 27, 2021

For the 16th time, PhD students from the IMPRS on "Understanding Complex Plant Traits Using Computational and Evolutionary Approaches“ and the MPIPZ Graduate School were presenting their work to their research fellows.

Over the last three days our students presented their latest findings in the format of online talks, followed by live poster sessions presented by our second-year students.

The inspiring presentations invited the audience to a platform for further discussions and ideas in a lively setting.

How do plants flower? How to they pass on genetic information and how do genomes change over time? How do plants interact with microbes in their environment? These and more questions were addressed in the presentations and represented the vast variety and significance of plant science research.

An exciting event that highlighted once more the fantastic work conducted within the MPIPZ and the University of Cologne.

The student presentations and the atmosphere during the retreat were once more simply outstanding. And after a fully virtual event in 2020, the in-person activities were pure joy. A wonderful step forward and I am already looking forward to our next retreat.”

Dr. Stephan Wagner, IMPRS/PhD Coordinator

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