Andrea Fulgione

Andrea Fulgione

Group Leader
Andrea earned his PhD at the PopGen Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics. He worked with Joachim Hermisson and Angela Hancock before starting his group on Population genetics and genomics of plants at the MPIPZ.
Helene Braten Grindeland

Helene Braten Grindeland

Ph.D. Student
Helene completed her Master in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Oslo with a focus on Biodiversity and Systematics. She works now on understanding the colonization history, and the history of adaptation to harsh environments in Scandinavian A. alpina. She uses population genetics methods and she is establishing a phenotyping panel to identify genomic regions and phenotypes associated with ecological adaptation to the harsh, high-latitude environment. Helene's project is funded by the DFG within the CRC TRR 341 "Plant Ecological Genetics".
Danijel  Majic

Danijel Majic

IMPRS Ph.D. Student
Danijel completed his Master in Biological Sciences with a focus on computational biology at the University of Cologne. He is working on genome assemblies from long-reads and genetic mapping from crosses to study the evolution of mating systems and of selfing-syndrome traits.
Bastiaan  Tjeng

Bastiaan Tjeng

IMPRS PhD Student
Bastiaan completed his Master in Quantitative Biology at the Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf. He is working on population genetics and large-scale genomics for the perennial plant Arabis alpina. His aim is to reconstruct the demographic history of European populations with a focus on the Iberian peninsula, and to understand the adaptive value of flowering phenology.
Mehak Sharma

Mehak Sharma

Master’s student
+49 221 5062-277
Mehak is a visiting student from IISER Mohali (India) working on her Master thesis in the group. She is studying the demographic history of the perennial plant Arabis alpina across Europe, using site frequency spectrum-based methods and statistical inference.
Andrea dalla Libera

Andrea dalla Libera

Technical assistant
Andrea completed his Master in Biology at the University of Turin, Italy. Now he works as a laboratory and greenhouse technical assistant for the group.
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