Ruben Garrido-Oter
Group Leader
Phone:+49 221 5062-343Fax:+49 221 5062-353

Ruben comes from Spain. He studied computer sciences and mathematics in Madrid and Berlin. He obtained his PhD in computational biology from the university of Dusseldorf in 2017. Since January 2017 he is a Group Leader at the MPIPZ. He is interesting in studying complex microbial ecosystems using computational and experimental approaches.

José Flores-Uribe
Phone:+49 221 5062-328Fax:+49 221 5062-353

José comes from Mexico and joined the lab in 2018. During his doctoral studies at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology at Oded's Beja Lab he analyzed hundreds of metagenomes looking for viruses and interesting proteins. Now at the RGO group his research deals with the relationships within microalgae-bacterial communities, combining -omics and the expertise of the PSL department for microbiome-host interactions.

Paloma Duran
Phone:+49 221 5062-342Fax:+49 221 5062-353

Paloma comes from Spain and studied Biology at the University of Salamanca. During her PhD at the MPIPZ, she studied the multikingdom microbial communities associated with plant roots in nature and the impact of microbial interactions on plant health. She joined the RGO lab in August 2018 and will now investigate the microbiota composition and interactions at the phycosphere of the model microalgae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii using natural soils and gnotobiotic systems.

Rui Guan
PhD student
Phone:+49 221 5062-328Fax:+49 221 5062-353

Rui comes from China and joined the lab in 2017. She studied plant and animal genomics during her joint master at the Southeast University and the Beijing Genomics Institute. Her project is focuses in the development of methods for analysis of microbial communities using higher-order features such as networks.

Eik Dahms
PhD sutent
Phone:+49 221 5062-342Fax:+49 221 5062-353

Eik comes from Germany and studied computer sciences at the university of Dusseldorf. He joined the lab in 2018 where he works on methods to perform comparative analyses (e.g. de novo orthology prediction) of very large genomic datasets.

Ricardo Martinez
Master student
Phone:+49 221 5062-328Fax:+49 221 5062-353

Ricardo is currently working on a bioinformatics master's program at the University of Bonn and hails from sunny Southern California. He helps investigate the principles that govern microbial community establishment by employing metabolic modeling techniques on sequencing data from the plant microbiota.

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