Barbara Kracher

Postdoc, Bioinformatician
Barbara is from Germany and studied biology at Ulm University. In her PhD project she applied computational modeling approaches to study Wnt signal transduction in animals. She joined the MPIPZ after receiving her PhD in 2011 and is now providing general bioinformatics support to the research groups of the Department of Plant Microbe Interactions. Thus, she is involved for example in the comparative analyses of fungal genomes and trasncriptomes or the analysis of the plant transcriptional reprogramming and the involvement of the Blumeria effectors in MLA-mediated immunity.

Ruben Garrido Oter

Ruben studied computer sciences at the Technical University of Berlin. He joined the lab in 2012 and is interested in microbial evolution and the application of machine learning methods to biological data. His current research focuses on the comparative analysis of root-associated microbial genomes.

Thorsten Thiergart

Postdoc, Bioinformatician
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