Publications of Z. Ma

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Journal Article
Davis, A. M.; Ronald, J.; Ma, Z.; Wilkinson, A. J.; Philippou, K.; Shindo, T.; Queitsch, C.; Davis, S. J.: HSP90 Contributes to Entrainment of the Arabidopsis Circadian Clock via the Morning Loop. Genetics 210 (4), pp. 1383 - 1390 (2018)
Journal Article
Boikoglou, E.; Ma, Z.; von Korff, M.; Davis, A. M.; Nagy, F.; Davis, S. J.: Environmental Memory from a Circadian Oscillator: The Arabidopsis thaliana Clock Differentially Integrates Perception of Photic vs. Thermal Entrainment. GENETICS 189 (2), pp. 655 - U796 (2011)
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