Publications of M. Mutondo

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Journal Article
Uhrig, J. F.; Mutondo, M.; Zimmermann, I.; Deeks, M. J.; Machesky, L. M.; Thomas, P.; Uhrig, S.; Rambke, C.; Hussey, P. J.; Hülskamp, M.: The role of Arabidopsis SCAR genes in ARP2-ARP3- dependent cell morphogenesis. Development 134, pp. 967 - 977 (2007)
Journal Article
Saedler, R.; Zimmermann, I.; Mutondo, M.; Hülskamp, M.: The Arabidopsis KLUNKER gene controls cell shape changes and encodes the AtSRA1 homolog. Plant Molecular Biology 56, pp. 775 - 782 (2004)
Journal Article
Zimmermann, I.; Saedler, R.; Mutondo, M.; Hülskamp, M.: The Arabidopsis GNARLED gene encodes the NAP125 homolog and controls several actin-based cell shape changes. Molecular and General Genetics 272, pp. 290 - 296 (2004)
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