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Journal Article
Gebhardt, H.; Meniche, X.; Tropis, M.; Krämer, R.; Daffe, M.; Morbach, S.: The key role of the mycolic acid content in the functionality of the cell wall permeability barrier in Corynebacterineae. Microbiology 153, pp. 1424 - 1434 (2007)
Journal Article
Tropis, M.; Meniche, X.; Wolf, A.; Gebhardt, H.; Strelkov, S.; Chami, M.; Schomburg, D.; Krämer, R.; Morbach, S.; Daffé, M.: The Crucial Role of Trehalose and Structurally Related Oligosaccharides in the Biosynthesis and Transfer of Mycolic Acids in Corynebacterineae*. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 280, pp. 26573 - 26585 (2005)
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