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Raphael Mercier
Raphael Mercier

Molecular mechanism of meiosis (Raphael Mercier)

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Molecular mechanism of meiosis

Meiosis is an essential stage in the life cycle of sexually reproducing organisms, during which the number of chromosomes is reduced from two sets in the parent to one set in gametes. Meiosis is also the stage of development when genetic recombination occurs, thus being the heart of genetic shuffling at each generation and the base of Mendelian heredity. For example, your unique chromosomes were assembled during meiosis in your parents. Half of your chromosomes were assembled during the embryonic life of your mother, and the other half in paternal meiosis, typically nine months and a few weeks before your birth.  In our team, we aim to decipher the mechanisms of meiosis including recombination, cell cycle control and chromosome distribution using the power of the model system Arabidopsis, in combination with molecular genomics, genetic screens and microscopy.

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