IMPRS Faculty FAQs

2023 IMPRS Call

Q: How many PhD projects can be advertised?

A: Technically, the number of advertised projects is not limited. The IMPRS can, however, only co-fund (see below) 1 IMPRS student in UoC groups and 6 IMPRS students in MPIPZ groups. The IMPRS tries to balance co-funding across IMPRS faculty members. It is thus advisable to internally, e.g. within the UoC's Institute for Plant Sciences or within MPIPZ Departments, discuss IMPRS co-funding.

These IMPRS faculty members have received IMPRS co-funding during the current IMPRS funding period:

UoC (total: 9)

Bucher: 2 (2019, 2021 call)
de Meaux: 1 (2021 call)
Höcker: 1 (2020 call)
Hülskamp: 1 (2021 call)
Kopriva: 2 (2021, 2022 call)
Zuccaro: 2 (2020, 2022 call)

MPIPZ Department of Chromosome Biology (total: 5)

Marques: 1 (2022 call)
Mercier: 2 (2019, 2020 call)
Novikova: 1 (2021 call)
Underwood: 1 (2022 call)

MPIPZ Department of Comparative Development & Genetics (total: 7)

Laurent: 3 (2019, 2020, 2022 call)
Tsiantis: 4 (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 call)

MPIPZ Department of Developmental Biology (total: 6)

Coupland: 2 (2019, 2021 call)
Formosa-Jordan: 1 (2020 call)
Fulgione: 2 (2020, 2022 call)
Turck: 1 (2021 call)

MPIPZ Department of Plant Microbe Interactions (total: 5)

Garrido-Oter: 1 (2021 call)
Hacquard: 1 (2020 call)
Parker: 2 (2019, 2020 call)
Schulze-Lefert: 1 (2021 call)

MPIPZ Independent Research Groups (total: 7)

Grube Andersen: 1 (2020 call)
Hancock: 3 (2019, 2020, 2022 call)
Hay: 1 (2020 call)
Nakagami: 2 (2021, 2022 call)

Q: How will IMPRS students be (co-)funded?

A: The co-funded IMPRS students (i.e. 1 at the UoC and 6 at the MPIPZ) will be funded by the IMPRS for 12 months with an MPG support contract (TVöD 65 % E13). The IMPRS faculty member must have secured funding at TVöD 65 % E13 level for at least two more years.

Q: Can I advertise a position which is not co-funded by the IMPRS?

A: Yes. If you have secured funding at TVöD 65 % E13 level for the entire PhD, i.e. 3 years or more, you can advertise a position that does not require co-funding by the IMPRS. You will benefit from the IMPRS selection process, and the student will benefit from being a member of the IMPRS community.

Q: Can PhD students who have started before the IMPRS Selection Symposium be associated with the IMPRS?

A: No. All IMPRS projects will be externally advertised and the purpose of the IMPRS Selection is to fill the advertised positions with the best-possible international applicants.

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