Iván Acosta Publications

Research papers

Hayward AP, Moreno MA, Howard III TP, Hague J, Nelson K, Heffelfinger C, Romero S, Kausch AP, Glauser G, Acosta IF, Mottinger JP, Dellaporta SL (2016). Control of sexuality by the sk1-encoded UDP-glycosyltransferase of maize. Science Advances 2: e1600991

Gasperini D, Acosta IF, Farmer EE (2016) Cotyledon wounding of Arabidopsis seedlings. Bio-protocol 6: e1712

Gasperini D, Chauvin A, Acosta IF, Kurenda A, Stolz S, Chételat A, Wolfender JL, Farmer EE (2015). Axial and radial oxylipin transport. Plant Physiol. 169:2244-54

Gasperini D, Chételat A, Acosta IF, Goossens J, Pauwels L, Goossens A, Dreos R, Alfonso E, Farmer EE (2015). Multilayered organization of jasmonate signalling in the regulation of root growth. PLoS Genet. 11:e1005300

Acosta IF†, Gasperini D†, Stolz S, Chetelat A, Santuari L, Farmer EE (2013) Role of NINJA in root jasmonate signaling. PNAS 110: 15473-15478 (†Equal contributions)

Acosta IF, Laparra H, Romero SP, Schmelz E, Hamberg M, Mottinger JP, Moreno MA, Dellaporta SL (2009) tasselseed1 is a lipoxygenase affecting jasmonic acid signaling in sex determination of maize. Science 323: 262-265

López CE†, Acosta IF†, Jara C, Pedraza F, Gaitán-Solís E, Gallego G, Beebe S, Tohme J (2003) Identifying resistance gene analogs associated with resistances to different pathogens in common bean. Phytopathology 93: 88-95 (†Equal contributions)

Other research paper contributions

Gutjahr C, Gobbato E, Choi J, Riemann M, Johnston MG, Summers W, Carbonnel S, Mansfield C, Yang SY, Nadal M, Acosta I, Takano M, Jiao WB, Schneeberger K, Kelly KA, Paszkowski U (2015) Rice perception of symbiotic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi requires the karrikin receptor complex. Science 350: 1521-1524

Book chapter

Acosta IF, Farmer EE (2010). Jasmonates. In: The Arabidopsis Book 8: e0129. doi:10.1199/tab.0129

Invited review

Farmer EE, Gasperini D, Acosta IF (2014). A new hypothesis for the activation of jasmonate synthesis in response to wounding. New Phytologist 204: 282-288

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