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  1. Journal Article
    Adachi, H.; Tsuda, K.: Convergence of cell-surface and intracellular immune receptor signalling. New Phytologist 221 (4), pp. 1676 - 1678 (2019)
  2. Journal Article
    Andres, J.; Blomeier, T.; Zurbriggen, M. D.: Synthetic switches and regulatory circuits in plants. Plant Physiology (2019)
  3. Journal Article
    Arguello, J. R.; Laurent, S.; Clark, A. G.: Demographic History of the Human Commensal Drosophila melanogaster. Genome Biology and Evolution 11 (3), pp. 844 - 854 (2019)
  4. Journal Article
    Bailey-Serres, J.; Parker, J. E.; Ainsworth, E. A.; Oldroyd, G. E. D.; Schroeder, J. I.: Genetic strategies for improving crop yields. Nature 575, pp. 109 - 118 (2019)
  5. Journal Article
    Berens, M. L.; Wolinska, K. W.; Spaepen, S.; Ziegler, J.; Nobori, T.; Nair, A.; Krüler, K.; Winkelmueller, T. M.; Wang, Y.; Mine, A. et al.; Becker, D.; Garrido-Oter, R.; Schulze-Lefert, P.; Tsuda, K.: Balancing trade-offs between biotic and abiotic stress responses through leaf age-dependent variation in stress hormone cross-talk. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 (2019)
  6. Journal Article
    Bhandari, D. D.; Lapin, D.; Kracher, B.; von Born, P.; Bautor, J.; Niefind, K.; Parker, J. E.: An EDS1 heterodimer signalling surface enforces timely reprogramming of immunity genes in Arabidopsis. Nature Communications 10 (2019)
  7. Journal Article
    Carella, P.; Gogleva, A.; Hoey, D. J.; Bridgen, A. J.; Stolze, S. C.; Nakagami, H.; Schornack, S.: Conserved Biochemical Defenses Underpin Host Responses to Oomycete Infection in an Early-Divergent Land Plant Lineage. Current Biology 29 (14), pp. 2282 - 2294.e5 (2019)
  8. Journal Article
    Chen, Q.; Jiang, T.; Liu, Y.-X.; Liu, H.; Zhao, T.; Liu, Z.; Gan, X.; Hallab, A.; Wang, X.; He, J. et al.; Ma, Y.; Zhang, F.; Jin, T.; Schranz, M. E.; Wang, Y.; Bai, Y.; Wang, G.: Recently duplicated sesterterpene (C25) gene clusters in Arabidopsis thaliana modulate root microbiota. SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 62 (7), pp. 947 - 958 (2019)
  9. Journal Article
    Chopra, D.; Mapar, M.; Stephan, L.; Albani, M.; Deneer, A.; Coupland, G.; Willing, E.-M.; Schellmann, S.; Schneeberger, K.; Fleck, C. et al.; Schrader, A.; Huelskamp, M.: Genetic and molecular analysis of trichome development in Arabis alpina. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 (24), pp. 12078 - 12083 (2019)
  10. Journal Article
    Coupland, G.: FLOWERING LOCUS C Isolation and Characterization: Two Articles That Opened Many Doors. Plant Cell 31 (6), pp. 1190 - 1191 (2019)
  11. Journal Article
    Dantas, L. G.; Alencar, L.; Huettel, B.; Pedrosa-Harand, A.: Development of ten microsatellite markers for Alibertia edulis (Rubiaceae), a Brazilian savanna tree species. Molecular Biology Reports 46 (4), pp. 4593 - 4597 (2019)
  12. Journal Article
    Deremetz, A.; Le Roux, C.; Idir, Y.; Brousse, C.; Agorio, A.; Gy, I.; Parker, J. E.; Bouché, N.: Antagonistic actions of FPA and IBM2 regulate transcript processing from genes containing heterochromatin. Plant Physiology (2019)
  13. Journal Article
    Diaz, M.; Pecinkova, P.; Nowicka, A.; Baroux, C.; Sakamoto, T.; Gandha, P. Y.; Jerabkova, H.; Matsunaga, S.; Grossniklaus, U.; Pecinka, A.: The SMC5/6 Complex Subunit NSE4A Is Involved in DNA Damage Repair and Seed Development. Plant and Cell Physiology 31 (7), pp. 1579 - 1597 (2019)
  14. Journal Article
    Dittberner, H.; Becker, C.; Jiao, W.-B.; Schneeberger, K.; Hölzel, N.; Tellier, A.; de Meaux, J.: Strengths and potential pitfalls of hay transfer for ecological restoration revealed by RAD-seq analysis in floodplain Arabis species. Molecular Ecology 28 (17), pp. 3887 - 3901 (2019)
  15. Journal Article
    Dongus, J. A.; Bhandari, D. D.; Patel, M.; Archer, L.; Dijkgraaf, L.; Deslandes, L.; Shah, J.; Parker, J. E.: Arabidopsis PAD4 lipase-like domain is sufficient for resistance to green peach aphid. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2019)
  16. Journal Article
    Eom, J.-B.; Luo, D.; Atienza-Grande, G.; Yang, J.; Ji, C.; Luu, V. T.; Huguet-Tapia, J. C.; Char, S. N.; Liu, B.; Nguyen, H. et al.; Schmidt, S. M.; Szurek, B.; Vera Cruz, C.; White, F. F.; Oliva, R.; Yang, B.; Frommer, W. B.: Diagnostic kit for rice blight resistance. Nature Biotechnology 37 (11), pp. 1372 - 1379 (2019)
  17. Journal Article
    Fabianska, I.; Gerlach, N.; Almario, J.; Bucher, M.: Plant-mediated effects of soil phosphorus on the root-associated fungal microbiota in Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist 221, pp. 2123 - 2137 (2019)
  18. Journal Article
    Finke, A.; Mandakova, T.; Nawaz, K.; Vu, G. T. H.; Novak, P.; Macas, J.; Lysak, M... A.; Pecinka, A.: Genome invasion by a hypomethylated satellite repeat in Australian crucifer Ballantinia antipoda. The Plant Journal 99 (6), pp. 1066 - 1079 (2019)
  19. Journal Article
    Flood, P.: Using natural variation to understand the evolutionary pressures on plant photosynthesis. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 49, pp. 68 - 73 (2019)
  20. Journal Article
    Flood, P.: The Smell of Transcription: The SIMYC1 Transcription Factor Makes Tomato Plants Smelly. The Plant Cell 31 (1), p. 2 - 2 (2019)
  21. Journal Article
    Fragkostefanakis, S.; Simm, S.; El-Shershaby, A.; Hu, Y.; Bublak, D.; Mesihovic, A.; Darm, K.; Mishra, S. K.; Tschiersch, B.; Theres, K.: The repressor and co‐activator HsfB1 regulates the major heat stress transcription factors in tomato. Plant, Cell and Environment 42 (3), pp. 874 - 890 (2019)
  22. Journal Article
    Hajheidari, M.; Koncz, C.; Bucher, M.: Chromatin Evolution-Key Innovations Underpinning Morphological Complexity. Frontiers in Plant Science 10 (2019)
  23. Journal Article
    Hajheidari, M.; Wang, Y.; Bhatia, N.; Vuolo, F.; Franco-Zorrilla, J. M.; Karady, M.; Mentink, R. A.; Wu, A.; Rilwan Oluwatobi, B. R.; Müller, B. et al.; Dello Ioio, R.; Laurent, S.; Ljung, K.; Huijser, P.; Gan, X.; Tsiantis, M.: Autoregulation of RCO by low-affinity binding modulates cytokinin action and shapes leaf diversity. Current Biology (2019)
  24. Journal Article
    Hayama, R.; Yang, P.; Valverde, F.; Mizoguchi, T.; Furtani-Hayama, I.; Vierstra, R. D.; Coupland, G.: Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolases are required for period maintenance of the circadian clock at high temperature in Arabidopsis. Scientific Reports 9, 17030 (2019)
  25. Journal Article
    Hu, Z.; Ghosh, A.; Stolze, S. C.; Horváth, M.; Bai, B.; Schaefer, S.; Zündorf, S.; Liu, S.; Harzen, A.; Hajheidari, M. et al.; Sarnowski, T. J.; Nakagami, H.; Koncz, Z.; Koncz, C.: Gene modification by fast-track recombineering for cellular localization and isolation of components of plant protein complexes. The Plant Journal (2019)
  26. Journal Article
    Hughes, P. W.; Soppe, W. J. J.; Albani, M.: Seed traits are pleiotropically regulated by the flowering time gene PERPETUAL FLOWERING 1 (PEP1) in the perennial Arabis alpina. Molecular Ecology 28 (5), pp. 1183 - 1201 (2019)
  27. Journal Article
    Hyun, Y.; Vincent, C.; Tilmes, V.; Bergonzi, S.; Kiefer, C.; Richter, R.; Martinez-Gallegos, R.; Severing, E.; Coupland, G.: A regulatory circuit conferring varied flowering response to cold in annual and perennial plants. Science 363 (6425), pp. 409 - 412 (2019)
  28. Journal Article
    Ishikawa, S.; Barrero, J.M.; Takahashi, F.; Nakagami, H.; Peck, S.C.; Gubler, F.; Shinozaki, K.; Umezawa, T.: Comparative phosphoproteomic analysis reveals a decay of ABA signaling in barley embryos during after-ripening. Plant and Cell Physiology (2019)
  29. Journal Article
    Jackson, M. D. B.; Duran-Nebreda, S.; Kierzkowski, D.; Strauss, S.; Xu, H.; Landrein, B.; Hamant, O.; Smith, R. S.; Johnston, I. G.; Bassel, G. W.: Global Topological Order Emerges through Local Mechanical Control of Cell Divisions in the Arabidopsis Shoot Apical Meristem. Cell Systems 8 (1), pp. 53 - 65.3e (2019)
  30. Journal Article
    Kiefer, C.; Willing, E.-M.; Jiao, W.-B.; Sun, H.-Q.; Piednoel, M.; Huemann, U.; Hartwig, B.; Huemann, U.; Koch, M. A.; Schneeberger, K.: Interspecies association mapping links reduced CG to TG substitution rates to the loss of gene-body methylation. Nature Plants 5 (8), pp. 846 - 855 (2019)
  31. Journal Article
    Kierzkowski, D.; Runions, A.; Vuolo, F.; Strauß, S.; Lymbouridou, R.; Routier-Kierzkowska, A.-L.; Wilson-Sánchez, D.; Jenke, H.; Jenke, H.; Galinha, C. et al.; Mosca, G.; Zhang, Z.; Canales, C.; Dello Ioio, R.; Huijser, P.; Smith, R. S.; Tsiantis, M.: A Growth-Based Framework for Leaf Shape Development and Diversity. Cell (2019)
  32. Journal Article
    Lapin, D.; Kovacova, V.; Sun, X.; Dongus, J. A.; Bhandari, D.; von Born, P.; Bautor, J.; Guarneri, N.; Rzemieniewski, J.; Stuttmann, J. et al.; Beyer, A.; Parker, J. E.: A Coevolved EDS1-SAG101-NRG1 Module Mediates Cell Death Signaling by TIR-Domain Immune Receptors. The Plant Cell (2019)
  33. Journal Article
    Lazaro, A.; Zhou, Y.; Giesguth, M.; Nawaz, K.; Bergonzi, S.; Pecinka, A.; Coupland, G.; Albani, M.: PERPETUAL FLOWERING2 coordinates the vernalization response and perennial flowering in Arabis alpina. Journal of Experimental Botany 70, pp. 949 - 961 (2019)
  34. Journal Article
    Maekawa, T.; Kracher, B.; Saur, I. M.-L.; Maekawa-Yoshikawa, M.; Kellner, R.; Pankin, A.; von Korff, M.; Schulze-Lefert, P.: Subfamily-specific specialization of RGH1/MLA immune receptors in wild barley. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 32 (1), pp. 107 - 119 (2019)
  35. Journal Article
    Meng, Q.; Gupta, R.; Min, C. W.; Kim, J.; Kramer, K.; Wang, Y.; Park, S.-R.; Finkemeier, I.; Kim, S. T.: A proteomic insight into the MSP1 and flg22 induced signaling in Oryza sativa leaves. Journal of Proteomics 196, pp. 120 - 130 (2019)
  36. Journal Article
    Nguyen, M. L.; Spaepen, S.; du Jardin, P.; Delaplace, P.: Biostimulant effects of rhizobacteria on wheat growth and nutrient uptake depend on nitrogen application and plant development. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 65 (1), pp. 58 - 73 (2019)
  37. Journal Article
    Nikolov, L. A.; Shushkov, P.; Nevado, B.; Gan, X.; Al-Shehbaz, I. A.; Filatov, D.; Bailey, C. D.; Tsiantis, M.: Resolving the backbone of the Brassicaceae phylogeny for investigating trait diversity. New Phytologist 222, pp. 1638 - 1651 (2019)
  38. Journal Article
    Nobori, T.; Tsuda, K.: The plant immune system in heterogeneous environments. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 50, pp. 58 - 66 (2019)
  39. Journal Article
    Nobori, T.; Wang, Y.; Wu, J.; Stolze, S. C.; Tsuda, Y.; Finkemeier, I.; Nakagami, H.; Tsuda, K.: In planta bacterial multi-omics analysis illuminates regulatory principles underlying plant-pathogen interactions. bioRxiv (2019)
  40. Journal Article
    Oliva, R.; Atienza-Grande, G.; Huguet-Tapia, J. C.; Perez-Quintero, A.; Li, T.; Eom, J.-B.; Li, C.; Nguyen, H.; Liu, B.; Auguy, F. et al.; Sciallano, C.; Luu, V. T.; Dossa, G. S.; Cunnac, S.; Schmidt, S. M.; Slamet-Loedin, I. H.; Vera Cruz, C.; Szurek, B.; Frommer, W. B.: Broad-spectrum resistance to bacterial blight in rice using genome editing. Nature Biotechnology 37 (11), pp. 1344 - 1350 (2019)
  41. Journal Article
    Parker, J.: Early Leads to Mechanisms of Plant Cultivar-Specific Disease Resistance. Plant Cell 31 (7), pp. 1410 - 1411 (2019)
  42. Journal Article
    Philippou, K.; Ronald, J.; Sánchez Villarreal, A.; Davis, A. M.; Davis, S. J.: Physiological and Genetic Dissection of Sucrose Inputs to the Arabidopsis thaliana Circadian System. Genes 10 (5) (2019)
  43. Journal Article
    Richter, R.; Kinoshita, A.; Vincent, C.; Martinez-Gallegos, R.; Gao, H.; van Driel, A. D.; Hyun, Y.; Mateos, J. L.; Coupland, G.: Floral regulators FLC and SOC1 directly regulate expression of the B3-type transcription factor TARGET OF FLC AND SVP 1 at the Arabidopsis shoot apex via antagonistic chromatin modifications. PLoS Genetics 15 (2019)
  44. Journal Article
    Rossmann, S.; Richter, R.; Sun, H.; Schneeberger, K.; Töpfer, R.; Zyprian, E.; Theres, K.: Mutations in the miR396 binding site of the growth-regulating factor gene VvGRF4 modulate inflorescence architecture in grapevine. The Plant Journal (2019)
  45. Journal Article
    Sano, N.; Takebayashi, Y.; To, A.; Mhiri, C.; Rajjou, L.; Nakagami, H.; Kanekatsu, M.: Shotgun proteomic analysis highlights roles of long-lived mRNAs and de novo transcribed mRNAs upon imbibition in rice embryos. Plant and Cell Physiology (2019)
  46. Journal Article
    Sapala, A.; Runions, A.; Smith, R. S.: Mechanics, geometry and genetics of epidermal cell shape regulation: different pieces of the same puzzle. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 47, pp. 1 - 8 (2019)
  47. Journal Article
    Saur, I. M. L.; Bauer, S.; Kracher, B.; Lu, X.; Frantzeskakis, L.; Müller, M. C.; Sabelleck, B.; Kümmel, F.; Panstruga, R.; Maekawa, T. et al.; Schulze-Lefert, P.: Multiple pairs of allelic MLA immune receptor-powdery mildew AVRA effectors argue for a direct recognition mechanism. eLife 8 (2019)
  48. Journal Article
    Seah, B. K. B.; Antony, C. P.; Huettel, B.; Zarzycki, J.; von Borzyskowski, L. S.; Erb, T. J.; Kouris, A.; Kleiner, M.; Liebeke, M.; Dubilier, N. et al.; Gruber-Vodicka, H. R.: Sulfur-Oxidizing Symbionts without Canonical Genes for Autotrophic CO2 Fixation. MBIO 10 (3) (2019)
  49. Journal Article
    Stephan, L.; Tilmes, V.; Huelskamp, M.: Selection and validation of reference genes for quantitative Real-Time PCR in Arabis alpina. PLOS ONE 14 (3) (2019)
  50. Journal Article
    Takou, M.; Wieters, B.; Kopriva, S.; Coupland, G.; Linstädter, A.; De Meaux, J.: Linking genes with ecological strategies in Arabidopsis thaliana. Journal of Experimental Botany 70, pp. 1141 - 1151 (2019)
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