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    Carella, P.; Gogleva, A.; Hoey, D. J.; Bridgen, A. J.; Stolze, S. C.; Nakagami, H.; Schornack, S.: Conserved Biochemical Defenses Underpin Host Responses to Oomycete Infection in an Early-Divergent Land Plant Lineage. Current Biology 29 (14), pp. 2282 - 2294.e5 (2019)
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    Hu, Z.; Ghosh, A.; Stolze, S. C.; Horváth, M.; Bai, B.; Schaefer, S.; Zündorf, S.; Liu, S.; Harzen, A.; Hajheidari, M. et al.; Sarnowski, T. J.; Nakagami, H.; Koncz, Z.; Koncz, C.: Gene modification by fast-track recombineering for cellular localization and isolation of components of plant protein complexes. The Plant Journal (2019)
  3. Journal Article
    Yang, C.; Hamamura, Y.; Sofroni, K.; Böwer, F.; Stolze, S. C.; Nakagami, H.; Nakagami, H.; Schnittger, A.: SWITCH 1/DYAD is a WINGS APART-LIKE antagonist that maintains sister chromatid cohesion in meiosis. Nature Communications 10 (2019)
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