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Flowering at the right age

June 10, 2013
Alpine rock cress uses a ribonucleic acid to measure its age and tell when it’s the right time to flower [more]

A simple means of finding mutations

March 11, 2013
An algorithm that compares genomes to find serious mutations [more]
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Differences in the genomes of related plant pathogens

August 12, 2012
Even in closely-related species, life-style moulds the genetic make-up of pathogens and how their genes are used [more]
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Bacterial community inside the plant root

August 02, 2012
Plants choose the soil bacteria that they allow into their roots [more]
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An international consortium sequences the tomtato genome

May 30, 2012
Scientists of the University of Bonn are involved in the international project [more]
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Early flowering caused by faulty biological clock

May 14, 2012
A change in its internal clock helps barley adjust to cultivation in northern environments with short summers [more]
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