Publications of M. Bey

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Journal Article
Bey, M.; Stueber, K.; Fellenberg, K.; Schwarz-Sommer, Z.; Sommer, H.; Saedler, H.; Zachgo, S.: Characterization of Antirrhinum petal development and identification of target genes of the class B MADS box gene DEFICIENS. Plant Cell 16 (12), pp. 3197 - 3215 (2004)
Journal Article
Becker, A.; Bey, M.; Burglin, T. R.; Saedler, H.; Theissen, G.: Ancestry and diversity of BEL1-like homeobox genes revealed by gymnosperm (Gnetum gnemon) homologs. Development Genes and Evolution 212 (9), pp. 452 - 457 (2002)
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