5 Stellen für promovierte Wissenschaftler (w/m/d)

2. Dezember 2019
Im Exzellenzcluster für Pflanzenwissenschaften CEPLAS sind an den beteiligten Institutionen 15 Stellen für promovierte Wissenschaftler*innen (100 %, EG 13 TV-L/TVöD-Bund) für drei Jahre zu besetzen. [mehr]

Group Leader Position in Plant Chromosome Biology (m/f/d)

15. November 2019
The department of Chromosome biology is looking for a group leader that would set up a team with complementary interest. The group of the successful applicant is expected to be initiated in 2020 and will be supported by a technician, a postdoc, a student and running costs from the Institute’s core budget. [mehr]

Post-doctoral scientist (m/f/d)

24. Oktober 2019
We are seeking a scientist who has shown excellent abilities in using computer science to understand morphogenesis, particularly through the use of physically-based models. [mehr]
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