PhD Programme

PhD Programme

Our structured programme guarantees balanced supervision and assists personal development

Our PhD programme is designed to last three to four years. Students recruited to the IMPRS programme typically start as a cohort in autumn while individual positions are filled throughout the year.

The framework of our PhD programme will be presented together with all service and support groups at the MPIPZ during the annual Welcome Days in late autumn.

A core component of the PhD programme is the thesis adivisory committee (TAC). The TAC consists of the direct thesis supervisor and additional co-supervisors that will guide our students until they have successfully completed their PhD programme. TAC Meetings with the student happen on a regular basis and are essential to jointly evaluate past and future directions of each PhD project.

Once per year, our students have the opportunity to additionally present their projects at the PhD Retreat. All MPIPZ and IMPRS students three years into their PhD studies will leave their institutes for two nights to talk science and network.

All students also share Courses in Soft Skills and Method Training that we run throughout the year and cover transferable and technical skills which we consider useful for your PhD project and beyond. 

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