Maria Albani

Maria Albani

Group leader
Maria comes from Greece and she completed her PhD in the University of Reading, UK. During her PhD she studied the control of perennial specific traits related to flowering in the perennial fruit model Fragaria vesca (wild strawberry). In 2002 she moved to Germany to work at the Max Planck Institute of Plant Breeding Research in Cologne (MPIPZ) as a postdoctoral researcher where she established Arabis alpina as a perennial model Brassicaceae species. During her postdoctoral career she investigated the regulation of flowering and flowering related traits in A. alpina and their contribution to the perennial growth habit. Since 2013 she is a junior professor at the University of Cologne and independent group leader at Max Planck Institute of Plant Breeding Research in Cologne. Her group is established as part of the CEPLAS cluster of excellence of plant sciences (
Natanael  Viñegra de la Torre

Natanael Viñegra de la Torre

Natanael comes from Spain and his work focuses on the identification of additional molecular regulators of flowering time and perennial traits in Arabis alpina.
Julia  Benecke

Julia Benecke

Technical Assistant
Margaret Kox

Margaret Kox

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