Past actvities

Career perspective series

Matthias Stein-Gerlach, Patent & License Manager, Max-Planck-Innovation
August 2011
(host: Przemyslaw Bidzinski)

Susanne Brink, editor of Trends in Plant Science
April 2008
(host: Chiara Consonni)

Jan Dittgen, scientist at Bayer Crop Science
May 2008
(host: Chiara Consonni)

Catherine Kistner, scientific advisor at DFG
May 2008
(host: Réká Toth)


August 22nd 2010 we organized a get together picnic for postdocs, their families and friends. In the Stadtwald Koeln, we had a relaxing afternoon with excellent food, nice games and a lot of good mood!
(host: Reka Toth and Przemyslaw Bidzinski)

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