Past actvities


Self-management for junior scientists

by Robert Thompson, RTTA, London 28-29-30th January 2008
(host: Vera Göhre)

18th Mai 2009
(host: Isabella Nougalli)

PIM’s inaugural workshop touched on a wide variety of topics, such as “differences in ways people communicate”, “how to deal with conflict situations”, and “ways of motivating and demotivating employees”. It stimulated thought about how people interact and how we can improve the ways we communicate and work with each other.

In total 37 postdocs participated, spread over three one-day workshops.

Micro-array–data analysis

by Ulrike Goebel
12th-13th June 2008
(host: Fabio Fornara)

After the self-management course and upon surveying the interests of the post-doc community, PIM organized a course on micro-array data analysis that aimed at introducing micro-array users to the world of statistical analysis. The course was distributed over 2 full days, divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Morning sessions covered the theoretical concepts, such as basic statistical tools, the R language, and its implementation in the Bioconductor platform, whereas afternoon sessions gave post-docs the chance to try these newfound skills at the computer.

In total 20 postdocs took part in the course.

Leadership and Management Skills Training

By Christina Schütte and Saso Kocevar
21st -23rd September 2009
(host: Mark Kwaaitaal , Vera Göhre)

The objectives of this course were to prepare postdocs to their future role as group leaders, by improving their competencies as managers in sciences. During three full days, the course addressed a large variety of topics, including:
- Setting frame for group processes and team development
- Proactive management, setting goals, and prioritizing tasks
- Delegation (managing performance, feedback)
- Dealing with other’s strengths and weaknesses (including conflict management, negotiation skills, motivation)
- Recruitment processes: selection of suitable staff
Each theme began with a short theoretical introduction, moved to practical exercises with examples brought up by the participants and finished with a feedback given not only by the trainers but also by the postdocs. Direct use of what was learned made the theory a lot clearer and showed how difficult applying an “easy and logical” theory can be.
All participants highly appreciated the course. The leadership and management skills training will not only aid experienced postdocs to step in the group leader role, but also facilitates every day lab life by helping to avoid wasting time and communication mistakes.

11 postdocs participated in this course.

Statistics Course: General Linear Models

By Benjamin Stich
11th – 12th November 2010
(Coordinators: Davide Bulgarelli and Mark Kwaaitaal )

From a survey among postdocs, a strong wish for both basic and advanced courses in statistics came forward. Within the institute, this request was discussed with Benjamin Stich. Benjamin has a strong background in quantitative genetics and was happy to prepare and present a statistics lecture. Among other topics, the course provided an overview of the basis of statistical analysis of biological data, discussed the tests to use when comparing specific datasets, as well as the experimental design to perform a proper comparison between these biological datasets. The lectures were combined with short practical examples using the statistical analysis software package R. For the lectures and the practical sessions, the facilities of the bio-informatics support unit (SUSAN) were used. A follow-up lecture on more advanced topics in statistics can be envisioned.
The postdoc initiative is grateful to Benjamin for preparing and providing this excellent set of seminars.
Mark Kwaaitaal

14 postdocs participated in this course.

Scientific writing course

By Dr. Christina Schuette, ProSciencia, Lübeck
24th – 25th February 2011 and 6th April 2011
(Coordinators: Isabella Nougalli and Przemyslaw Bidzinski)

From a survey among postdocs, a strong wish for a course focusing on paper writing skills came forward. The objectives of that course were to show up the main critical points for a paper. Each participant brought a self-written manuscript along and was reviewed by a second participant as well as by Dr. Christina Schuette. By this everybody became sensitive for reading and revising a manuscript. The principle structure of articles were discussed and a way of how to write the own article and how to find a good title were shown. All participants enjoyed the course and the new insights into the work of there colleagues.

10 postdocs participated in this course.

Grant writing course

By Dr. Christina Schuette, ProSciencia, Lübeck
6th and 7th April 2011
(Coordinators: Isabella Nougalli and Przemyslaw Bidzinski)

From a survey among postdocs, an additional strong wish for help in writing a grant proposal was announced.

10 postdocs participated in this course.

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