Community contributions

We encourage scientists using MorphoGraphX to develop their own plugins to address specific questions. If you develop a plugin you think would be of general use, please contact Richard Smith so that we can host the plugin on this page and/or include it in the next release of MorphoGraphX.



Please see our sample plugins to get started.



AddOns are groups of plugins that are developed around a theme and are built along with MorphoGraphX with the CMake build system. Sources are located under the AddOns directory in the MorphoGraphX source tree.

CellAtlas – A tool to annotate and analyze 3D segmentations of radially symmetric plant organs, such as roots, hypocotyls, or mature embryos. See Montenegro-Johnson et al. 2015.


Already in MorphoGraphX!

The following contributions are now incorporated into MorphoGraphX and are available in the latest version:

Fibril Orientation – Adapted from  the ImageJ plug-in FibrilTool (see Boudaoud et al. (2014)) this tool now works on curved surfaces and uses a segmented mesh (less clicking!).

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