Sanger Sequencing Service
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Carl-von-Linné-Weg 10
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We have a range of instruments that allow high throughput sample processing. The presently established robotics unit (see figure below) is mainly used for routine DNA preparation from Plasmids, Fosmids and BACs (alkaline lysis and DNA precipitation) for Sanger sequencing in 384 well format.

<p>Current configuration of our robotics unit</p> Zoom Image

Current configuration of our robotics unit

Most instruments integrated into robotics units can also be used as standalone instruments:

  • The Beckman Coulter Biomek NXp 384 and the Biomek FX 96, the Caliper Sciclone G3 and the Tecan EVO can be used for 8-, 96- or 384-channel liquid handling, e. g. for PCR product purification.
  • The Spectramax allows spectrophotometric measurements in 96 as well as 384 well format. Stakmax enables automatic processing of multiple plates.

Other instruments that allow high throughput sample processing are:

  • The Genetix QPix2 is used for colony picking (up to 3000 clones per hour).

 In case you are interested in using one of these systems you are welcome to contact us. Individual already established procedures such as sample transfer from 96 to 384 well plates or colony picking can be performed quite easily. If you wish to automatize a more sophisticated workflow that you will use frequently in the future we will discuss together how this can be realized. The way of support from our side depends on your request. Some procedures will be done by us; in other cases we will give you access to the respective system and you can perform your analyses independently upon supervision. For requests concerning robotics and automation contact us by email ( or phone (0221 5062-854).

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