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Ordering oligonucleotides

Ordering oligonucleotides

General information for ordering oligonucleotides


The OligoOrderDB is a local “e-commerce” system developed for ordering oligonucleotides.

To order oligonucleotides, the procedure is as follows:

  • If not yet done, activate your user account. To do this, go to the website “user registration” and follow the instructions for MPIPZ internal users.
  • Launch the Oligo OrderDB and select a service. For small-scale orders select “Order oligos”, for large-scale orders use the “Oligo order by upload”.
  • Log in with your name and password.
  • Enter the necessary information (name, length, sequence, synthesis scale, purification grade, etc.) according to the instructions on the respective webpages.
  • The system calculates the price for your order from different suppliers. You can decide on the supplier.
  • By selecting the supplier, your order is sent out for further processing (approval of the order by a second authorized person, forwarding of the order to the selected supplier, notification of your group leader about your order, deposition of order information in the OligoOrderDB).
A detailed schema of the whole process
A detailed schema of the whole process


Please note that the oligonucleotide ordering service is exclusively offered to users of the Max Planck Institute for Plant breeding Research. To access the OligoOrderDB please click here.

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