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  1. Journal Article
    Kierzkowski, D.; Runions, A.; Vuolo, F.; Strauß, S.; Lymbouridou, R.; Routier-Kierzkowska, A.-L.; Wilson-Sánchez, D.; Jenke, H.; Jenke, H.; Galinha, C. et al.; Mosca, G.; Zhang, Z.; Canales, C.; Dello Ioio, R.; Huijser, P.; Smith, R. S.; Tsiantis, M.: A Growth-Based Framework for Leaf Shape Development and Diversity. Cell (2019)
  2. Journal Article
    Nikolov, L. A.; Shushkov, P.; Nevado, B.; Gan, X.; Al-Shehbaz, I. A.; Filatov, D.; Bailey, C. D.; Tsiantis, M.: Resolving the backbone of the Brassicaceae phylogeny for investigating trait diversity. New Phytologist 222, pp. 1638 - 1651 (2019)
  3. Journal Article
    Das Gupta, M.; Tsiantis, M.: Gene networks and the evolution of plant morphology. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 45, pp. 82 - 87 (2018)
  4. Journal Article
    Di Ruocco, G.; Bertolotti, G.; Pacifici, E.; Polverari, L.; Tsiantis, M.; Sabatini, S.; Costantino, P.; Dello Ioio, R.: Differential spatial distribution of miR165/6 determines variability in plant root anatomy. Development 145 (1) (2018)
  5. Journal Article
    Failmezger, H.; Lempe, J.; Khadem, N.; Cartolano, M.; Tsiantis, M.; Tresch, A.: MowJoe: a method for automated-high throughput dissected leaf phenotyping. Plant Methods 14 (2018)
  6. Journal Article
    Rasmann, S.; Vilas, J. S.; Glauser, G.; Cartolano, M.; Lempe, J.; Tsiantis, M.; Pannell, J. R.: Pleiotropic effect of the Flowering Locus C on plant resistance and defence against insect herbivores. Journal of Ecology 106 (3), pp. 1244 - 1255 (2018)
  7. Journal Article
    Sapala, A.; Runions, A.; Routier-Kierzkowska, A.-L.; Das Gupta, M.; Hong, L.; Hofhuis, H.; Verger, S.; Mosca, G.; Li, C.-B.; Hay, A. et al.; Hamant, O.; Roeder, A.H.K.; Tsiantis, M.; Prusinkiewicz, R.; Smith, R. S.: Why plants make puzzle cells, and how their shape emerges. eLife 7 (2018)
  8. Journal Article
    Vuolo, F.; Kierzkowski, D.; Runions, A.; Hajheidari, M.; Mentink, R. A.; Das Gupta, M.; Zhang, Z.; Vlad, D.; Wang, Y.; Pecinka, A. et al.; Gan, X.; Hay, A.; Huijser, P.; Tsiantis, M.: LMI1 homeodomain protein regulates organ proportions by spatial modulation of endoreduplication. Genes and Development 32, pp. 1361 - 1366 (2018)
  9. Journal Article
    Imprialou, M.; Kahles, A.; Steffen, J. G.; Osborne, E. J.; Gan, X.; Lempe, J.; Bhomra, A.; Belfield, E.; Visscher, A.; Greenhalgh, R. et al.; Harberd, N. P.; Goram, R.; Hein, J.; Robert-Seilaniantz, A.; Jones, J.; Stegle, O.; Kover, P.; Tsiantis, M.; Nordborg, M.; Rätsch , G.; Clark, R. M.; Mott, R.: Genomic Rearrangements in Arabidopsis Considered as Quantitative Traits. Genetics 205 (4), pp. 1425 - 1441 (2017)
  10. Journal Article
    McKim, S. M.; Routier-Kierzkowska, A.-L.; Monniaux, M.; Kierzkowski, D.; Pieper, B.; Smith, R. S.; Tsiantis, M.; Hay, A.: Seasonal Regulation of Petal Number. Plant Physiology 175 (2), pp. 886 - 903 (2017)
  11. Journal Article
    Monniaux, M.; McKim, S. M.; Cartolano, M.; Thévenon, E.; Parcy, F.; Tsiantis, M.; Hay, A.: Conservation vs divergence in LEAFY and APETALA1 functions between Arabidopsis thaliana and Cardamine hirsuta. New Phytologist 216, pp. 549 - 561 (2017)
  12. Journal Article
    Nikolov, L. A.; Tsiantis, M.: Using mustard genomes to explore the genetic basis of evolutionary change. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 36 (2017)
  13. Journal Article
    Rebeiz, M.; Tsiantis, M.: Enhancer evolution and the origins of morphological novelty. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 45, pp. 115 - 123 (2017)
  14. Journal Article
    Runions, A.; Tsiantis, M.; Prusinkiewicz, P.: A common developmental program can produce diverse leaf shapes. New Phytologist 216 (2), pp. 401 - 418 (2017)
  15. Journal Article
    Runions, A.; Tsiantis, M.: The shape of things to come: From typology to predictive models for leaf diversity. American Journal of Botany 104 (10), pp. 1437 - 1441 (2017)
  16. Journal Article
    Gan, X.; Hay, A.; Kwantes, M.; Haberer, G.; Hallab, A.; Dello Ioio, R.; Hofhuis, H.; Pieper, B.; Cartolano, M.; Neumann, U. et al.; Nikolov, L. A.; Song, B.; Hajheidari, M.; Briskine, R.; Kougioumoutzi, E.; Vlad, D.; Broholm, S.; Hein, J.; Meksem, K.; Lightfoot, D.; Shimizu, K. K.; Shimizu-Inatsugi, R.; Imprialou, M.; Kudrna, D.; Wing, R.; Sato, S.; Huijser, P.; Filatov, D.; Mayer, K. F. X.; Mott, R.; Tsiantis, M.: The Cardamine hirsuta genome offers insight into the evolution of morphological diversity. Nature Plants 2 (10) (2016)
  17. Journal Article
    Hay, A.; Tsiantis, M.: Cardamine hirsuta: a comparative view. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 39 (2016)
  18. Journal Article
    Hofhuis, H.; Moulton, D.; Lessinnes, T.; Routier-Kierzkowska, A.-L.; Bomphrey, R.J.; Mosca, G.; Reinhardt, H. C.; Sarchet, P.; Gan, X.; Tsiantis, M. et al.; Ventikos, Y.; Walker, S.; Goriely, A.; Smith, R. S.; Hay, A.: Morphomechanical Innovation Drives Explosive Seed Dispersal. Cell 166 (1), pp. 222 - 33 (2016)
  19. Journal Article
    Matsuhashi, S.; Kudoh, H.; Maki, M.; Cartolano, M.; Tsiantis, M.; Itagaki, T.; Sakai, S.: Invasion history of Cardamine hirsuta in Japan inferred from genetic analyses of herbarium specimens and current populations. BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS 18 (7), pp. 1939 - 1951 (2016)
  20. Journal Article
    Vuolo, F.; Mentink, R. A.; Hajheidari, M.; Bailey, C. D.; Filatov, D. A.; Tsiantis, M.: Coupled enhancer and coding sequence evolution of a homeobox gene shaped leaf diversity. Genes and Development 30, pp. 2370 - 2375 (2016)
  21. Journal Article
    Barbier de Reuille, P.; Routier-Kierzkowska, A.-L.; Kierzkowski, D.; Bassel, G. W.; Schuepbach, T.; Tauriello, G.; Bajpai, N.; Strauss, S.; Weber, A.; Kiss, A. et al.; Burian, A.; Hofhuis, H.; Sapala, A.; Lipowczan, M.; Heimlicher, M. B.; Robinson, S.; Bayer, E. M.; Basler, K.; Koumoutsakos, P.; Roeder, A. H. K.; Aegerter-Wilmsen, T.; Nakayama, N.; Tsiantis, M.; Hay, A.; Kwiatkowska, D.; Xenarios, I.; Kuhlemeier, C.; Smith, R. S.: MorphoGraphX: A platform for quantifying morphogenesis in 4D. ELIFE 4 (2015)
  22. Journal Article
    Cartolano, M.; Pieper, B.; Lempe, J.; Tattersall, A.; Huijser, P.; Tresch, A.; Darrah, P. R.; Hay, A.; Tsiantis, M.: Heterochrony underpins natural variation in Cardamine hirsuta leaf form. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112 (33), pp. 10539 - 10544 (2015)
  23. Journal Article
    Mentink, R.; Tsiantis, M.: From limbs to leaves: common themes in evolutionary diversification of organ form. Frontiers in genetics 6, p. 284 - 284 (2015)
  24. Journal Article
    Nikolov, L. A.; Tsiantis, M.: Interspecies Gene Transfer as a Method for Understanding the Genetic Basis for Evolutionary Change: Progress, Pitfalls, and Prospects. Frontiers in Plant Science 6 (2015)
  25. Journal Article
    Rast-Somssich, M.; Broholm, S.; Jenkins, H.; Canales, C.; Vlad, D.; Kwantes, M.; Bilsborough, G.; Dello Ioio, R.; Ewing, R. M.; Laufs, P. et al.; Huijser, P.; Ohno, C.; Heisler, M. G.; Hay, A.; Tsiantis, M.: Alternate wiring of a KNOXI genetic network underlies differences in leaf development of A. thaliana and C. hirsuta. Genes and Development 29 (23), pp. 2391 - 2404 (2015)
  26. Journal Article
    Hay, A.; Pieper, B.; Cooke, E.; Mandakova, T.; Cartolano, M.; Tattersall, A. D.; Ioio, R. D.; McGowan, S. J.; Barkoulas, M.; Galinha, C. et al.; Ras, M. I.; Hofhuis, H.; Then, C.; Plieske, J.; Ganal, M.; Mott, R.; Martinez-Garcia, J. F.; Carine, M. A.; Scotland, R. W.; Gan, X.; Filatov, D. A.; Lysak, M. A.; Tsiantis, M.: Cardamine hirsuta: a versatile genetic system for comparative studies. The Plant Journal 78 (1), pp. 1 - 15 (2014)
  27. Journal Article
    Nelson, A. D. L.; Forsythe, E. S.; Gan, X.; Tsiantis, M.; Beilstein, M. A.: Extending the model of Arabidopsis telomere length and composition across Brassicaceae. SI 22 (2), pp. 153 - 166 (2014)
  28. Journal Article
    Vlad, D.; Kierzkowski, D.; Rast, M. I.; Vuolo, F.; Dello Ioio, R.; Galinha, C.; Gan, X.; Hajheidari, M.; Hay, A.; Smith, R. S. et al.; Huijser, P.; Bailey, C. D.; Tsiantis, M.: Leaf Shape Evolution Through Duplication, Regulatory Diversification, and Loss of a Homeobox Gene. Science 343 (6172), pp. 780 - 783 (2014)
  29. Journal Article
    Kougioumoutzi, E.; Cartolano, M.; Canales, C.; Dupre, M.; Bramsiepe, J.; Vlad, D.; Rast, M.; Dello Ioio, R.; Tattersall, A.; Schnittger, A. et al.; Hay, A.; Tsiantis, M.: SIMPLE LEAF3 encodes a ribosome-associated protein required for leaflet development in Cardamine hirsuta. The Plant Journal 73 (4), pp. 533 - 545 (2013)
  30. Journal Article
    Dello Ioio, R.; Galinha, C.; Fletcher, A. G.; Grigg, S. P.; Molnar, A.; Willemsen, V.; Scheres, B.; Sabatini, S.; Baulcombe, D.; Maini, P. K. et al.; Tsiantis, M.: A PHABULOSA/Cytokinin Feedback Loop Controls Root Growth in Arabidopsis. Current Biology 22 (18), pp. 1699 - 1704 (2012)
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