Postdoc Initiative at the MPIPZ

Career Day 2017

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Career Day 2017

  • Date: Sep 22, 2017
  • Time: 09:00 - 16:00
  • Speaker: diverse
  • Location: MPIPZ
  • Room: Lecture hall
  • Host: Postdoc initiative
Are you wondering about your career perspectives in the academics and the private sector? Would you like to learn more about the career path of MPI alumni who now work in private companies? Meet people who chose to stay in the academics or to leave it for the private sector and hear their respective stories. Seven speakers will talk about their career path and their current activity, followed by discussions with the audience.

Introduction ot the speakers:

Christian Meesters
Christian Meesters is a Regional Registration Coordinator at DuPont de Nemours (Deutschland) GmbH. The Regional Registration team is in charge of obtaining and maintaining permissions for crop protection products within Europe, Middle East and Africa. Regional Registration Coordinators/Managers (RRM) support and manage European registration projects. This includes planning and monitoring of registration activities in close cooperation with the Global Registration team, collecting and validating input from Country Registration Managers, and collecting information for and writing parts of European and Zonal registration dossiers. As part of the Regional Business team, the RRM supports business decisions by providing regulatory input. As part of an international and cross-disciplinary environment, excellent analytical and communication skills are required.
Angela Hancock
Angela Hancock is a Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne. Her research focuses on elucidating the molecular and evolutionary bases of natural phenotypic variation. Research in her group combines population genetics, modeling, bioinformatics, trait mapping, field biology and functional genetics. As part of the career symposium, she will discuss academic career paths and the elements that underlie success in academia.
Florence Jacob
My time at MPIPZ is quite recent since I did a joint PhD at MPIPZ and URGV (currently part of Institute of Plant Sciences Paris-Saclay) which ended in April 2016. During that time I focused on plant immunity, and was part of the IMPRS and the DFH-UFA program. Since May 2016, I have been working at PalmElit SAS as a genetics analyst. PalmElit, a palm breeding company, is subsidiary of a French research institute called CIRAD (Center for international cooperation in agronomic research and development). In that context, I am assigned to two main tasks: i) performing genetic analyses in the frame of PalmElit’s own breeding and research programs, ii) interfacing with basic research programs conducted by external research partners such as CIRAD.
Guillaume Tenab
I am an editor at Nature Plants, an academic research journal published by the Nature Publishing Group based in London. Most of my time is spent evaluating manuscripts sent to us by laboratories all over the world. As we are five editors working at the same journal, we each have our favourite fields that often overlap: signalling, genetics, ecology, physiology, metabolism, social sciences, etc. We choose a few manuscripts to be sent through the peer-review process, and later analyse the reports coming back from experts. I also visit laboratories, go to conferences, talk with scientists, highlight interesting articles, commission review non-research articles, maintain the Twitter account, and other activities. My job in four words: read, think, write, discuss.
Markus Berns and Frederike Körber
Under the Nunhems brand, Bayer Vegetable Seeds offers expert advice and high-quality seed varieties of ~25 vegetable crops. Within R&D, new vegetable varieties are being developed for professional customers, e.g. with an increased yield or with resistances against pests and pathogens. Frederike Körber is breeder for spinach, and Markus Berns works on the implementation of digital phenotyping and automation workflows.
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