Past actvities

Past actvities

Postdoc retreat of the GREEN MPIs

November 27th and 28th 2008 the first GREEN MPI postdoc retreat took place at the MPIZ in Cologne. The two-day gathering of Germany-based plant MPI postdocs started off with a fascinating keynote seminar by Maarten Koornneef discussing the wondrous history and future of Arabidopsis research. Spread over the two days various speakers from the MPIs in Köln, Tübingen, Jena, Marburg and Golm presented their freshly acquired data. Topics ranged from whole-genome sequencing to plant innate immunity and LC-MS-based metabolite analysis. The series of short-talks and one chalk-talk were much appreciated by the attendants for their conciseness and for the clear and varied view provided of the research performed at the MPIs present. During breaks and the poster sessions the attendants discussed lively about the topics presented in the seminars as well as the data displayed on the posters. While enjoying some beers, some sausages with senf and crispy pizzas in the TATA-bar, there was the opportunity to meet one another in a different atmosphere. The extra case of Kölsch that had to be brought in illustrated that the integration between the various MPI postdocs worked out quite fine.

 In conclusion, we look back at a very successful and well-organized first GREEN MPI postdoc meeting. Follow-up meetings are planned for next year in Golm and the following year possibly in Tübingen. Hence, the efforts at the MPI Köln motivated other MPI postdocs to start or continue similar initiatives.

Many thanks to all the people that made this first meeting possible, both attendants for their active participation and the organizers for arranging an excellent meeting. We hope to see you all soon in Golm.

Mark Kwaaitaal

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