Project Proposals

Project Proposals for IMPRS 2015

This is the list of our available PhD Projects for 2015. You can only apply for these projects.

Please note:
Some of these positions are located in our partner institutions at the Universities of Cologne and Düsseldorf!

Marcel Bucher

Genome-scale transcriptional and metabolic regulatory networks involved in the plant response to phosphate starvation stress

Phosphate starvation stress affects plant architecture, metabolism, hormone balance and plant-microbe interactions. In this project, bioinformatics analysis of already available whole genome large scale RNA sequencing and metabolite profiling experiments will be used to predict the core regulatory system controlling activation and repression responses to phosphate starvation in different plant species. Network and flux balance analysis will reveal candidate genes and metabolites which can subsequently be validated in functional genomics and molecular physiological experiments. Ideal candidates have demonstrated experience in sequence and genome analyses, with at least some knowledge of primary short read analysis and genome/transcriptome annotation and of one major programming or scripting language.


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