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Professor Dr Maarten Koornneef


Birgit Thron

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Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics (Maarten Koornneef)

Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics

Please note that the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics was officially closed on 31 January 2016 with the retirement of Prof. Koornneef.


The following groups will however continue their work at MPIPZ:

  • Klaus Theres (Genetics and Molecular Analysis of Shoot Branching in Higher Plants)
  • Ales Pecinka (Genome and Epigenome Evolution) until 31 August 2017
  • Wim Soppe (Control of Seed Germination) until 30 September 2017


The following groups have ceased their activities at MPIPZ completely:

  • Maarten Koornneef (Analysis of Arabidopsis Natural Variation)
  • José Jiménez Gómez (Adaptive Genomics and Genetics)
  • Christiane Gebhardt (Potato Genome Analysis) 

José Jiménez Gómez will continue his work at INRA Versailles, France (

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